Patrick Bentley

Patrick Bentley is an award-winning, fine art nature photographer from Zambia. He creates images using a variety of techniques and creative ideas to provide a fresh perspective on the natural world, with a particular emphasis on black and white, infrared and aerial photography, sometimes in combination. The subjects of Patrick‚Äôs images are the iconic wild animals of the Luangwa Valley, each one a character with a defined role in his photo narrative of life in this unspoilt corner of Zambia.

Patrick's photographs provide an insight into their uniqueness, recognising their different temperaments and individuality. Through his work an observer cannot help but feel an emotional connection with the magnificence of this region, where the untamed Luangwa River and the Valley's fertile soils and lush vegetation create a wildlife haven like no other in Africa. It is a place of unparalleled beauty and dramatic seasonal variations, an environment that demands protection.

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